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Presenter Alexandra Hanson

Presenter Name: Alexandra Hanson

Presentation Title: Polar Running: Pole to Pole and Cold Places In Between

Presentation  Description: Most people probably associate winter with skiing, sledding, snow, hot chocolate, and hiding inside to avoid the cold weather. For Alexandra, winter is marathon training season! She is here to inspire people to embrace those subzero temperatures and all that snow because some of the coolest (no pun intended) marathons she has ever run were in the coldest climates on the planet. Alexandra will share her personal experiences from the Antarctic Ice Marathon, North Pole Marathon, and Baikal Ice Marathon to inspire folks to get out in the winter and run … and travel to some wicked amazing places along the way. You will talk gear and training, but will hear stories from each trip, like her Antarctica experience, which included a 7-day delay on the continent due to a storm and her North Pole experience included a cracked ice runway that stranded the group on the polar ice cap for three days.

Presenter Biography: Alexandra’s parents had her running in kiddie fun runs when she was about three years old as an Army family, which meant frequent moves all over the world. As a result, travel and running have been significant in her life from the very beginning. She has spent time in 44 countries thus far, and made a dedicated effort to set foot on each of the seven continents before her 30th birthday. Now her goal is to go back and complete marathons (or longer) on each of the continents. As her dad pointed out, she already did the hardest one (Antarctica), so she may as well finish! She has done nine marathons since her first in 2009, including normal road races like the Marine Corps, Air Force, and Columbus Marathons. She is planning to do races in Africa and Australia this year. While in the Air Force, she is looking forward to completing her Master’s Degree this spring and spending more time training and traveling.