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Presenter Allen Johnson

Presentation Title: Allen Johnson

101Presentation Title: Biking 150 miles with six great-grandchildren

Presentation  Description: Eighty-three-year-old Allen Johnson took six of his great-grandchildren, ages 5 to 15 years-old, on an eight-day 150-mile bike ride on the bikeways from Dayton to Mason, Ohio and back. They averaged 25 miles a day for three days on the way down. At Mason, they swam at Great Wolf Lodge for three nights and rode the rollercoasters at Kings Island for two days. Then they took three days to bike back to Dayton. His five-year-old great-granddaughter, Kyleigh, rode on a tag-a-long attached to his bike, singing and pedaling for the entire 150 miles.

Presenter Biography:

Allen Johnson was born and raised in the Southern Illinois town of Lawrenceville. After college he went to work for the US Air Force at Wright Patterson AFB OH. Allen designed radios of airplanes to work through a satellite. In his spare time, Allen has biked 4,000-miles from Ohio to the Arctic Circle in Alaska, skied a 60-kilometer cross-country race along the Russian Arctic Circle, kayaked the Arctic Ocean around Iceland, ridden a bike 45-miles down the most dangerous road in Bolivia, hiked the Great Wall of China and climbed Mount Everest up to the 17,200-foot base camp.