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Presenter Andy Politz


Presenter Name: Andy Politz

Presentation Title: Back Pocket Rescue Skills at the Climbing Wall

Presentation  Description: Learn some basic and advanced rescue skills that could make a big difference next time you find yourself on the side of a mountain. Learn how to use and build releasable anchors; learn proper lowering and raising techniques, how to perform autoblock belays, and how to escape a belay. These are skills to keep in your back pocket in the event of emergency.


Presentation Title: Everest- In Search of Mallory  

Presentation  Description: Over three dozen years of adventuring I have come to the realization how adventure is an essential element to our development as individuals and members of the community we live in. Without adventure, the individual is less competent and society is weaker. In a nutshell, it comes down to working hard while wrestling with the unknown- a useful capacity. A variety of stories and images will illustrate the hypothesis.

Andy Politz has been climbing mountains for over 30 years. At the age of 21 he began guiding for Rainer Mountaineering, Inc and during a 12 year span (1979-1991) made 148 successful summit ascents of Mount Rainer. Andy’s high altitude aspirations have lead him around the world on climbing expeditions to Alaska, Ecuador, New Zealand, Nepal, Pakistan and Tibet. While in Alaska, Andy climbed two of the world’s highest faces; the Wickersham Wall of Denali and made the first ascent of the South Face of St. Elias.

Andy has been to Mount Everest seven times, reaching the summit in 1991. During the other six expeditions Andy was exploring harder routes’, guiding clients, making movies and twice a member of the Mallory and Irvine Research Expeditions. Andy was on the team that found George Mallory’s body at 27,000 feet in 1999. This amazing discovery has been the focus of four books, a NOVA show and the most watched documentary the BBC has ever created.


Presenters Biography: Andy Politz and his family currently live in Columbus, OH. Andy works as an engineering technician for Utility Technologies International. Andy continues to share his passion for climbing and adventure travel with others through teaching mountaineering classes and workshops as well as working with students at the Linworth Alternative Program and the Graham School. Andy currently guides four season backpacking trips, canoe trips, rock climbing trips, and is skilled in arctic kayak building.