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Presenter Andy Politz

Presenter Name: Andy Politz

Presentation Title: Climbing Rope Handling and Safety considerations

Presentation  Description: From a climbing rope’s weaknesses, to a couple of need-to-know simple knots and techniques; this bag of tricks are essential for getting out there. The size of the crag doesn’t matter, it’s only the last 8 feet of a fall that can usually hurt you.



Presenters Biography: Andy has been climbing for over 40 years. He has worked as a mountain guide on Mt. Rainer and around the world, including guiding on Mt. Everest, having worked for three different companies there.
He has facilitated adventures at  Worthington High School for more than 25 years. His favorite program there was a 3 week “winter” walk through Yellowstone National Park.
Over the years, Andy has run approx. 15 six-month mountaineering instructional courses in central Ohio.