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Presenter Aubrey Miller

Presenter Name: Aubrey Miller

Presentation Title: Work Hard, Play Harder! How to Integrate Outdoor Life into Everyday Life and Make the Most of Both.

Presentation Description: Weekend warriors unite! There’s nothing like spending a gorgeous weekend outside to recharge and rejuvenate from a stressful week at work… except for that inevitable Monday when all that stress you left is staring back at you, along with a car to unpack, laundry to wash, and to-do lists left unfinished. Shouldn’t there be a weekend to recover from the weekend?

This talk is for anyone feeling weary of never having the time you need to do “all of the things.” We’ll explore how bringing a sense of adventure into the mundane can not only make everyday life better but also free you to take more adventures with less stress. Come for practical tips on organization, food prep, gear selection, and stress management.

Presenter Biography: After a decade of guiding wilderness canoe trips and working in education, Aubrey Helmuth Miller embarked on a new adventure in 2014 and founded Redbudsuds, an adventure soap company. Through business, she now brings together her life passions of adventure, education and environmental sustainability. When she isn’t working, you can usually find her paddling, climbing or doing yoga with her husband Clinton. Follow her adventures and learn more about sparking simplicity in everyday life at, Instagram and Facebook @redbudsuds.