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Presenters Brian and Michelle Coleman

Presenters Names: Brian and Michelle Coleman

Presentation Title: An Outdoor Adventure: How to Plan and Extended Vacation Anywhere

Presentation  Description: If you want to plan a big trip but don’t know where to start, this is the session for you! The Coleman’s have traveled the country in their Honda Accord, for up to 6 weeks at a time, with nothing more than a few clothes, camping supplies, backpacks, bikes, and an impressive trip binder packed full of adventure. This session will take you from the idea or dream stage all the way through executing a fantastic vacation. Topics covered will be planning, permits, and packing.

Presenter Biography: Brian and Michelle Coleman have been members of Dayton Hikers since 2009. The Coleman’s are avid hikers, backpackers, cyclists, teachers, theater-goers, goofballs, weight loss success stories, and have hiked every trail in every Five Rivers MetroPark. The Coleman’s spend most of their summers in their tent, or as they love to call it “the summer condo.” Brian and Michelle say that staying home is when they get in to the most trouble because that is where they plan all of their big adventures that get bigger every time they sit still.