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Presenter Bud Thomas

Presenter Name: Bud Thomas

Presentation Title: Shackleton’s Adventure Trek

Presentation Description: Our international team of 11 polar explorers traveled to South Georgia Island off the coast of Antarctica to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Sir Earnest Shackleton’s epic trip to save his stranded men. This presentation covers the voyage to South Georgia, the 4 day trek across the island as well as some wildlife photos taken during the trip.

Presenter Biography: Retired Aerospace Engineer with 51 years experience covering rocket engine designs for the Apollo Mission and the Space Shuttle as well as Jet Engine Designs at GE Aircraft Engines dating from the B1 Bomber up to and including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Thirty plus years in outdoor adventures including mountain climbing, dog sledding sailing. Notable summits were Mt. Fuji in Japan and Mt. Kilimanjaro. Was on the first mountaineering team to summit two peaks in Antarctica. Notable dogsled trips were to Churchill Canada and across the Island of Svalbard, Norway in the Arctic ocean. Also enjoy sailing our sailboat positioned in the Pacific northwest and when in town thoroughly enjoy aerobatic flying from the Red Stewart airfield in Waynesville, Ohio.