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Presenter Chad Ingle

Presenter Name: Chad Ingle

Presentation Title: Biking the C&O and GAP Trail

Presentation Description:
After rekindling our passion for riding, my friend Jeremy and I took on the challenge to bike-pack 334 miles along the C&O and GAP trail from DC to Pittsburgh. This is a well known trail full of great little towns to visit and beautiful scenery. We focused on doing this adventure both on a budget and the mindset to unplug from the daily routines. We will talk about the planning and training for the the trip along with the great places to camp and see on the trails . This is a great adventure that we would encourage anyone to take regardless of your budget and skill level.

Presenter Biography:

Husband and Father of 4 kids, Engineer for the City of Kettering, Passion for nature and adventures in the Miami Valley and beyond.