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Presenter Cheryl Fleetwood

Presenter Name: Cheryl Fleetwood

Presentation Title: An Appalachian Trail Immersion

Presentation Description:

The rain fell steadily and temperatures dropped. Soaked to the core with increasing symptoms of hypothermia, she knew she had to act quickly or be caught up in her number one fear. Never considering herself an athlete or even a real hiker, Cheryl was compelled yet determined as she stepped foot onto the world’s most iconic path. Loving (almost) every moment, she was surprised daily by amazements of wonder and awe.
Visualize how the 2,192 mile Appalachian Trail made an everlasting impression through a photo journey with Tigerlily, a 2019 solo thru hiker, a Centerville resident, and mother of four and imagine the challenges, trepidations and beauty of the landscape from Georgia to Maine. Come and dream your own dreams of living outside the normal sphere of society and let yourself become immersed into the world of the Appalachian Trail.

SIDE NOTE: Many of you know that a hiker was stabbed to death on the Appalachian Trail in May by a mentally unsound man. The presenter encountered the murderer on the day of this tragic event. Tigerlilly will recount her experience meeting this deranged man, the fear she felt and how she became involved in the dreadful event that unfolded later that night a few miles from her campsite.

Presenter Biography: Cheryl is the youngest of 5 children and mother of 4 children. She studied art, worked as a designer & photographer but mostly she’s spent the last 24 years raising wonderful children. She has a passion for art, design, photography, vintage finds, & nature. Her longest hike was backpacking the 210-mile John Muir Trail in the summer of 2016. This experience was hard on her but it made her want to backpack more. Hiking the Appalachian Trail was not a lifelong dream for Tigerlilly, but a new one. She believes we should not give up on those old dreams we had as kids, or give up on creating new ones later in life.