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Presenter David Sills

Presenter Name: David Sills

Presentation Title: Summer as a Philmont Ranger

Presentation¬† Description: A story about the summer of 2016 at Philmont Scout Ranch, the premier high adventure base of the Boy Scout of America, told by Philmont Ranger, David Sills. Philmont is a 242-square mile tract of land in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Northern New Mexico given to the Boy Scouts of America in 1938 by Waite Phillips, of the “Phillips 66” family where over 1 million scouts since 1938 from every state in the U.S. have come to embark on 12-day backpacking treks of up to 100 miles. As an Eagle Scout from the Dayton area, David traveled to Philmont on a trek in 2012. His trek in 2012 inspired him to work there as a Ranger (backpacking guide) in 2016. He backpacked over 300 miles in a single summer while getting paid to do so. He will share why you “have to go to Philmont” and why it was the best summer of his life.

Presenter Biography: My name is David Sills and I am a junior studying biological sciences at Wright State! David Sills was born and grew up in the Dayton area and graduated from the Dayton Regional STEM School in 2015. Growing up, David was heavily involved in Boy Scouts, attending two national jamborees and embarking on a Philmont Trek in 2012. His experiences with the outdoors in scouting led to the decision to work at Philmont in 2016 and continues to spark passion for the outdoors. While in his junior year at Wright State, studying biological sciences, David spends his free time with friends and family, playing ultimate frisbee, hiking, camping, journaling, and cheering on the Pittsburgh Steelers