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Presenters Gudrun and Peter Seifert

Presenter Name: Gudrun and Peter Seifert

Presentation Title: Alpine Hiking: The Aosta Valley (NW Italy)

Presentation Description: The Aosta Valley in NW Italy is a paradise for hikers. From Mt. Blanc, the valley extends east for about 100 miles. Trail #1 runs below the Giants of the Alps, near the Swiss border.  Another, #2, traverses the Gran Paradiso National Park. Last Summer, 2017, we spent three weeks hiking portions of Trail #1. It was in excellent condition and very well marked. Overnight one stays in mountain hostels or in small private hotels. Days are spent in dramatic mountain scenery, sampling wonderful food, talking with other hikers

Presenter Biography: Gudrun and Peter Seifert stem from Germany and have lived in the USA since 1964. They have hiked locally (Dayton Metroparks, the most miles), in Colorado, and especially, the length of the Alps. Their book Hike For Your Life encourages everyone to hike more.  They have done many presentations, including several at past Adventure Summits. Their combined Age: 160