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Presenters Gudrun and Peter Seifert


Presenter Name: Gudrun and Peter Seifert

Presentation Title: Alpine Hiking at 80

Presentation Description: Gudrun and Peter started hiking more seriously at around 50. Now, 30 years later, they are still at it. This summer’s segment (2015) took them across the Stelvio Pass, then into Switzerland and Italy.  They are on their way BACK, from Vienna (Austria), to Nice (France). Can they still make it? On foot?    Slides, maps, history, and vacation paradise at Lake Como.


Presentation Title: Hiking  the National Parks of the South West

Presentation Description: A roundtrip by car to the National Park’s of the South West simply took our breath away. Bryce, Canyon Lands, Arches, Mesa Verde, Grand Canyon, Zion and more. Exciting slides from 2013.


Presenter Biography: Originally German, Gudrun and Peter came to America  50 years ago. They skied and hiked in colorful Colorado and the serene MetroParks – until their retirement provided enough time to hike the LENGTH OF THE ALPS! From Nice to Vienna, it became the project of their lives and their book Hike for Your Life.

Don’t worry they are still “at it”!