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Presenter Heather Muhlhauser

Presenter Name: Heather Muhlhauser

Presentation Title: 50 Things I Learned Hiking Down To Phantom Ranch

Presentation  Description:

Join Heather to hear about the 50 things she learned on her journey down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon to stay at Phantom Ranch. Phantom Ranch is a lodge you can only reach on foot or by mule. Only 1% of the population that visits the Grand Canyon makes it to the bottom. Heather will share with you some of the area history, logistics and funny things that happened on the hike down to this amazing place!

Presentation Title: Strong & Steady Feet For Hikers & Runners

Presentation  Description:

This session is for hikers and runners who want to improve the health of your feet. If you struggle with foot pain and/or plantar fasciitis then this session is for you. You will learn the best stretching & strengthening exercises for your feet. Heather’s 4 magic foot stretches will change your life. You will walk away with lifelong tools to make your feet stronger. This class will give you a strong foundation so you can hike and run as far as you want for a better life.

Presenter Biography:

“Heather Feather” was Heather’s nickname growing up. Feathers inspire and that is what Heather aspires to do for YOU! Heather’s journey in health began after her father died from a rare neurological disease. She started practicing yoga and running to cope with the loss and wishes to share with you the healing and transformational powers of a healthy lifestyle. Heather is a certified Personal Trainer, 500 hour Yoga Instructor, and Chef. She is an Ironman finisher, marathon and ultramarathon runner, long-distance swimmer and triathlete. Additionally, Heather leads Elevate Excursions (yoga & hiking trips), is the founder of Elevate Cincinnati and her online program, Pain Free Feet. Pain Free Feet helps runners, hikers & athletes find relief from plantar fasciitis.