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Presenter Jeff Kayse

Presenter Name: Jeff Kayse

Presentation Title:  Basecamp Shenaniganza

Presentation  Description:

2019 marked two failed Summit attempts in California and Hawaii. Both of which though had given Jeff invaluable mountain lessons and both peaks each delivered their own unique personalities through occurrences that were almost spiritual, mythical, or just plain filled with wonder.


Presenter Biography:

Jeffrey has spoken to the public about conservation issues and work at the Cincinnati Zoo.
he has been a board member of the RRGCC, a major rock climbing non-profit that deals with all things climbing related.
He has been working for the local gear shop, The Benchmark Outfitters for 12 years and have religiously pursued learning as much as him. An about rock climbing craft for 10 years. He feels lucky to have done a handful of First Ascents around the U.S. and mostly daydream about technical rock faces in Alpine Environments…
2014- month long Brazilian climbing tour
2016-month in camp 4 of Yosemite
2017-3 week Wind River Range expedition
2019- month of surfing on big island and 3 week U.S. roadtrip