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Presenter Kjirsten Frank Hoppe

Kjirsten 2010

Presenter Name: Kjirsten Frank Hoppe 

Presentation Title: Past, Present, and Future of Biking; The Miami Valley Bike Plan Update

Presentation  Description: The Miami Valley Bike Plan Update 2015 – What’s in an update? Why on earth revisit those dusty plans and maps from years ago? What did we hope to accomplish?  Check out what remarkable things the Miami Valley has accomplished for bicycling, the current state of bike riding, and our plans for transportation cycling into the future! And find out why the old plans weren’t dusty after all. If you’re in to bicycling or if you’re a wonky government type, this is not to be missed.

Presenter Biography: Kjirsten Frank Hoppe works as a Transportation Planner with the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, with a focus on biking, walking, senior transportation, and safe routes to schools.  She has worked in urban and regional planning in Ohio, California, Nevada, Illinois, and back to Ohio, and she has degrees from Miami University and the University of Southern California.  Now, she lives within walking distance of work and got in early on the LINK DYT craze!