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Presenter Matt Cox & Joe Lawhorn

Presenter Names: Matt Cox and Joe Lawhorn

Presentation Title: Tour of Heroes: Bike Share Program

Presentation Description:

Bike Share Program is designed to utilize donated bicycles from the community to help Veterans with physical ability as well as mental stability. This program offers beginner and advanced weekly rides during the summer. Works with disabled and physically handicapped persons to get back on a bike and moving. Different types of bicycles are able to be loaned out from the shop on a daily or weekly basis. Every Veteran who signs out a bicycle is also given a helmet to keep. This program has a ride and day of remembrance in September for four fallen soldiers in Ross county since 9/22. This ride is called The Tour of Ross County Heroes and accepts donations that go into getting more bicycles for the disabled.


Presenter Biography:

Matt Cox – Army Veteran – Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist at the Chillicothe VA Medical Center. Started the Bike Share Program in April 2019.

Joe Lawhorn – Marine / Army Veteran – Pro Cyclist – Lead Volunteer for the Bike Share Program – Owner of the world record for most miles in 24hrs on a fixed geared bicycle. Completed the Race Across America as a solo cyclist. Attempting 500 miles on a geared bicycle February 8, 2020. Utilizes bicycle as a mechanism for menta stability as well as Physical ability.