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Presenter Peter Seifert

Presenter Name: Peter Seifert

Presentation Title: The Hunt – Astor Expedition Across the Continent

Presentation Description:The Hunt Astor Expedition 1810 – 1813
The dramatic story of J. Jacob Astor’s vision of a world-wide fur trading company, with a Trading Post at the Columbia River is not widely known. On the overland expedition to Astoria, led by Wilson Hunt, the team diverted from the Lewis and Clark route and went further south. They almost perished in the Hell’s Canyon of the Snake River and from other hazards. Despite the extreme difficulties, they reached the mouth of the Columbia river. The support ship Tonquin also arrived at the future “Astoria” in 1811 with supplies – but suffered a catastrophy later. “If you have bad nerves, this is not for you”. Story, Slides, Maps, Q&A’s are based on books by W. Irving “Astoria” (1836) and P. Stark “Astoria …Lost Pacific Empire” (2014).

Presenter Biography:

Peter Seifert stems from Germany but has lived more than fifty years in USA. His interest in Lewis and Clark and the Louisiana Purchase have led him to the OTHER expedition, led by Mr. Hunt, conceived and financed by Mr. Astor around 1810. Hunt traveled from New York to Montreal, St. Louis, assembled a team of 60 people to go overland to the mouth of the Columbia River. They almost all perished at the Hells Canyon of the Snake river, but reached the destination. Talking about an “Epic Adventure” this one ranks at the top of the list. Slides, Maps, Discoveries…