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Presenter Richard Munn


Presenter Name: Richard Munn

Presentation Title: Using unstable surfaces to increase strength, flexibility and coordination.

Presentation Description: Using tools like the BOSU Ball, pillow discs and stability balls you can increase muscular endurance for that long hike or river paddle. Hiking is done on many different surfaces so increased coordination/balance prevents injuries and accidents. I’m a personal trainer and have worked with many clients that have hiked the Appalachian Trail and paddle regularly. Your enjoyment of the outdoors is greatly increased if you can move and explore comfortably and for long periods of time. Unstable surfaces provide great tools to help increase your neuromuscular capacity which control balance, coordination and stability. ‘Nerves are smart, muscles are dumb.’ You will learn how doing movements and strength training on unstable surfaces increases the neural pathways which ultimately result in stronger muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Presenter Biography: I have been a certified Personal Trainer by the American Council on Exercise for 18 years working at The Kettering Fitness and Wellness Center, The Kettering Rec Center, Downtown YMCA, Fitworks, Moraine Country Club and the NCR Country Club Fitness Center. I’m certified in Group TRX, Group Fitness, Spinning and Indoor Cycling. I’m also a competitive body builder who has competed in ten shows and placed in the top five in all ten competitions. I do contest prep for men and women who want to enter a bodybuilding show. I also own my own business, Muscle by Munn. I have given many presentations on the local, state and national level on various fitness topics. I have recently made some instructional videos for Facebook on proper strength training techniques. My next certification will be in Nutritional Counseling.