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Presenter Richard Wagar

Presenter Name: Richard Wagar

Presentation Title: Cross Country on the Seat of a Bike

Presentation  Description: Join Richard Wagar as he details an adventurous 2017 solo bicycle trek from the New Jersey shore to the Washington coast.  Wagar peddled over 3,600 miles and crossed 12 states during the 68 day trip, and experienced everything from awesome landscapes to friendly people to angry pit bulls. Richard will cover the planning stages of the trip, equipment and route selection, a typical day of riding, and some of his most memorable encounters. Who knows…there may even be some inspiration thrown in as encouragement for the audience to take such a trip of their own!

Presenter Biography: After retiring at age 59 in December 2016, Richard finished the planning stages for a solo cross country bike trip…an endeavor he had dreamed of doing since his teen years, but never had the time. Besides cycling, Richard enjoys nearly all outdoor sports, such as paddling, fishing, snorkeling, swimming, etc. He and his wife love to travel to discover new places, people, and experiences, and as a means to nurture future adventures.