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Presenter Rita Volpi

Presenter Name: Rita Volpi

Presentation Title:Race the 50 States

Presentation  Description:

Disclaimer from Presenter: This is not for elite or hard-core runners. You are amazing. This is for the rest of us.
Join Rita Volpi as she shares her love of:
1) Traveling – anywhere.
2) Running so she can put all sorts of deliciousness in her face. Donuts, breakfast sandwiches, beer, carbs, carbs, carbs.
3) Weirdo lists & goals so she can channel her energy and feel a sense of accomplishment

The combination of these things have inspired Rita to run the 50 states. This quest is a work in progress and in this presentation, Rita will share stories from her journey to date. She’ll also provide tips & tricks on how to train, pack and most of all – enjoy running while exploring in a new destination.

Presenter Biography: Rita Volpi is an avid traveler, outdoor enthusiast and fun-loving runner. Occasionally she combines the three activities – and has participated in races across 20 states, 3 countries and 1 national park. She recently co-founded Just Me 5K (an online community of runners) with her brother Jack to inspire others to have a good time while exploring new places. When she’s not running, she’s likely snapping pics, illustrating maps or planning her next adventure. Rita lives in Columbus Ohio, with her husband Eric and chocolate lab, Mr. T.