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Presenter Roger Fender

Presenter Name: Roger Fender

Presentation Title: 900 Miles of Resilience, Hiking the trails of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Presentation  Description: The Smoky Mountains are a special place to hike. This program will review what it takes to accomplish hiking all of the trails within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 546 people have accomplished this feat, some multiple times. The average hiker will hike over 1200 miles to complete the 800+ miles within the park.  The presenter currently has one trail (3.9 miles) left to accomplish this feat. His path to accomplishing this goal is nothing short of a miracle. A hiking accident almost killed the presenter while hiking the Ramsey Cascade Trail in the Smoky Mountain National Park. His rescue and recovery to complete this goal is an amazing story. Strategies for hiking the trails within the park given the multiple factors involved will be reviewed. Trails and available resources for hiking and backpacking in the Smokies will be covered.

Presenter Biography: Roger is an avid hiker / backpacker who has hiked in Tibet, New Zealand, Borneo, Kauai, the American West, and the Canadian Rockies. Roger has a deep love for the uniqueness of the Great Smoky Mountains which has driven his desire to hike all of the trails.