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Presenter Shayn Gangidine

Presenter Name: Shayn Gangidine

Presentation Title: Adventures and Misadventures: Getting Outdoors with Littles

Presentation¬† Description: Rain, Shine, Storm, Snow… There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes! Or so they say…
As a fellow parent and Director of Wild & Free Playschool, an in-home nature playschool for toddlers ages 2-4, Shayn Gangidine shares tips and tricks, hilarious do’s and don’ts of early childhood adventuring and slow living with littles in the midwest. From backyard mud kitchens to hiking the best of Dayton’s local gems, find practical inspiration for raising nature-lovers for life.

Presentation Title: The Power of (Nature) Play

Presentation¬† Description: Why Nature Play? There is an ever-growing body of research fighting for the importance of nature exposure and natural play for the essential holistic growth and health of our young children. Shayn Gangidine is a fellow parent and Director of Wild & Free Toddler Playschool, an in-home, nature-based playschool here in Dayton, OH. Follow along as she makes the compelling case that the single thing our children need most, more than any test, toy, or methodology… is the freedom to Get Out and Play!

Presenter Biography: Shayn is an Outdoor and Environmental Educator turned mother of two wild tykes under three. A lover of rocks, caretaker of plants, investigator of insects, and guide to small humans, Shayn operates an in-home Nature Playschool for toddlers ages 2-4 right here in Dayton, OH. While her family has been sent from sea to shining sea (quite literally) due to her husband’s career as an Emergency Medicine Doctor in the US Air Force, the former Ohio locals are back in Dayton and are determined to Get Out and Live, with littles in tow! Follow along for inspiring and hysterical tyke-sized adventures, tips, and resources on the Instagram feed: @wildandfreeplayschool