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Presenter Terri Lechton

Presenter Name: Terri Lechton

Presentation Title: The Adventure Challenge: Creating a More Adventurous Life at Any Age, Any Cost

Presentation  Description: Have you ever wished that you could have a more adventurous life? What can you do between those longer trips? Terri will present ideas to create more opportunities to add more adventure into your life. She will talk about how she completed a 30-day challenge spending less than an average of $5 a day as well as larger challenges that took her to many interesting and challenging places in the world. By stretching yourself and exposing yourself to more challenges even at a low level, you can lead a more interesting and fulfilling life. You will be motivated to make plans to create your own challenges.

Presenter Biography:  Terri has been an adventurer most of her life despite persistent asthma that presents a challenge. She is currently writing and speaking about adventure in the attempt to motivate others to stretch themselves beyond their normal routines. Terri has traveled to over 40 counties and 5 continents including completing a half-marathon in Antarctica. She is a hiker, kayaker and willing to try many things at least once. She has completed 7 long-distance bike rides (GOBA). In the past few years, she extended her adventures to completing study abroad programs in Japan and Cuba. In her day job, she is a business consultant and professor who winds stories of adventure into her discussions of strategy, management and entrepreneurship. Her first book, 30 Days of Crazy (a challenge for adventure) is due out this Spring. The Adventurer Mindset is a talk she presented at the Columbus State Community College Business Lecture Series this year to highlight the leadership lessons that can be learned from the stories of adventurers.