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Presenter Todd Soprych

Presenter Name: Todd Soprych

Presentation Title: The “Hows” of Adventuring

Presentation  Description: If you have ever started your due diligence for say a long distance hike or bike tour, this process can be just as daunting as doing the adventure itself. The goal for this presentation is to get you over those initial hurdles, for a successful trip. There will be time to ask the panel of successful strategies and absolutely failures on their many adventures.

Presenter Biography: Todd is an over educated adventure dirt bag that chooses to sleep outside more than he does inside. He has thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail both northbound and southbound, thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, and has professionally guided and instructed outdoor education programs for the past 10 years.

So when most people hit a mile stone birthday some get a case of the “ho hums” others spend it as regular day, and even some take that point in time to make a change. Todd decided for one of his milestone birthdays to ride +7,000 miles across the country from east to west then north to south and spend six months trying to finish what he started out to do.

Todd’s goal was to ride (a bicycle) on the Tran-American Bike Route and Great Parks North Route to Banff Canada, enter the Great Divide Mountain Bike Race and pedal through grizzly bear territory to Mexico. Now, granted, he has no bike-touring or bike-packing experience, but why the heck not try and do something bold.

Adventure list:

Appalachian Trail (2)
Benton MacKaye Trail
Long Trail
Ouachita Trail
Pacific Crest Trail
John Muir
Portions of the Florida Trail
Trans-American Bike Route
Great Divide Mountain Bike Route
Trans-North Georgia Trail and more!