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Presenter Bud Thomas

Presenter Name: Bud Thomas

Presentation Title:

Dogsledding in North American and European Arctic


Presentation Description:

This presentation will cover two dogsledding trips. One to Churchill Manitoba and the other a traverse of the Norwegian Island of Svalbard. Both trips were led by the famed “musher” Paul Shurke. The slides in this presentation for these two trips illustrate the different problems and challenges encountered in their respective arctic environments. Both locations were in polar bear territory.

Presenter Biography:

Aerospace Engineer with 51 years experience. Rocket engine designer on Apollo Program and Space Shuttle. Jet engine designer with GE Aircraft Engines.
Private Pilot with specialty in aerobatics.
Mountain climbing experience in Nepal, Antarctica, Africa and the US.
Successfully completed the “Shackleton Trek” across South Georgia Island in Antarctica.
Dogsledding in US, Canada and Europe.
Sailboat owner with experience in Great Lakes, Atlantic, South Pacific, Carribean, Alaska and Pacific Northwest