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Presenters Christine Cancian

Presenter Name: Christine Cancian

Presentation Title:Outdoor Adventure Programming in Mental Health Treatment

Presentation¬† Description:We will discuss the NatureRx movement and a study conducted on Baldwin Wallace University’s Campus on the impact of being outside and outdoor adventure programming on mental health. Topics covered will include ways to think creatively to include mental health in outdoor adventure programming and generate an awareness. In addition, we will look at how spending time outside in nature being present lowers stress, depressiona and anxiety, boosts energy, increases focus and creativenss, increases happiness and creates an overall sense of positive health and well being. We will also explore ways in which outdoor adventure helps build community and is being used in the treatment of addictions in recovery.

Presenter Biography: As a educator, mom and lover of the outdoors I have been teaching in the outdoors for 25 years. I have been the Assistant Recreation Director of Outdoor Adventure, Aquatics, Fitness and Wellness and Risk Managment at Baldwin Wallace University for 23 years. I also work wtih the youth, aging population and people in recovery in outdoor adventure pursuits. A certified kayak and SUP instructor and current ACA Ohio Excecutive Board President I am passionate about paddling, climbing, skiing, hiking, exploring and being present in nature. My four children were homeschooled utilizing an outdoor adventure model of learning in the outdoors through living. I also teach adjunt for BW as a professor in the HPESS division teaching Community Parks and Recreation Administration, Outdoor Education and Administration, SUP, Climbing and Lifeguard Training.