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Presenters Erin Sherrets and Trisha Kretzer

Presenter Name: Erin Sherrets & Trisha Kretzer

Presentation Title: Wild Women

Presentation  Description: Without the inspiration of other women, Erin and Trisha may not have ventured out into the wild. This presentation will be formatted as a group discussion on wild women. We will discuss issues that specifically women face in the outdoors as well as share resources, stories, and books that have inspired us as women to venture out into the wild. Attendees have the option to participate and collaborate, or, observe and listen.

Presenter Biography: Erin and Trisha worked in the Outdoor Resource Center at Wright State University leading backpacking trips when they first connected. The two have backpacked together on the Continental Divide Trail in the San Juan Mountains, and on the Appalachian Trail on Roan Mountain. Erin is a graduate student at Wright State and Trisha lives and plays in the hills of Asheville, NC.