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Presenters Voices Matter

Presenter Name: Voices Matter Montgomery County and Voices of Greene County

Presentation Title: Anyone Can Be an Adventurer

Presentation Description: Members of two local Self-Advocacy groups representing people with disabilities share their efforts to connect with adventure and make it accessible to everyone.

Presenter Biography: The members of Voices Matter of Montgomery County and The Voices of Greene County, two community-based self-advocacy groups for people with developmental disabilities, are constantly stretching themselves beyond their comfort zones in search of adventure.

Working together over the last two years, these groups have collaborated on several groundbreaking projects designed to open doors for people with disabilities. Last spring, they held their second annual Self-Advocacy Conference at Wright State University, and in June returned to Wright State to host the region’s first ever Recreation Discovery Day for people with DD. These events were designed to encourage people with disabilities to seek out new experiences and expose them to opportunities for adventure in the community. Both events were an enormous success. Recreation Discovery Day offered participants hands-on experiences with yoga, squash, a rock climbing wall and more, and included kayaking and fly fishing demonstrations, along with many others. By acting as hosts for this event, the members showed businesses and organizations in the community that people with disabilities are eager for recreation and adventure, and should not be overlooked.

Today, we have five members of Voices Matter and The Voices of Greene County with us to share with you their thoughts on adventure and accessibility. These folks are eager to try new things and help you find ways to make recreation more inclusive and accommodating for people with disabilities.