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Stretching for Hikers, Paddlers, Climbers and All


Instructor: Alex Keller

Stretching for Hikers, Paddlers, Climbers and All: Stretching is an important part of fitness: it can improve your range of motion, increase circulation, and calm your mind – which may help reduce the risk of injuries and illness. To increase range of motion and bring awareness to your body try this all levels stretching class.

Instructor Biography: Alex Keller, 500 RYT, has an absolute passion for fitness in both her personal and professional lives. Professionally, she hold degrees in Biology with a concentration in Exercise Physiology and French from Wright State University (WSU) and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Public Health at WSU. This education has deepened her knowledge of the all-important physiology underlying fitness while motivating her to create Alex Keller Yoga which is dedicated to All Things Yoga… All Things Fitness… and All Things that Bring Peace, Contentment and Happiness. She has presented professionally at several fitness conferences and taught anatomy for yoga teacher trainings. As a Personal Trainer, she has broadened her reach, and knowledge base, to include working with special needs individuals such as the morbidly obese, elderly and those with congenital skeletal disorder. As a Pilates instructor, she “works with the masses” teaching Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, TRX, Cross Fit, Deep water aerobics, step style class, Ballet, kayaking, and stand up paddle board yoga to a broad spectrum of individuals ranging from Boy Scouts to college students to senior citizens. Her fitness passion also supports her equally-intense craving for adventure. She has skied the Swiss Alps, hiked to the tallest point in Saba, scuba-dived with sharks in the Bahamas, climbed in California and extensively traveled and studied abroad. Yoga is what makes her life great.