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Kayak the Heartland

Presenter Names: John and LaNae Abnet

Presentation Title: Kayak the Heartland

Presentation Description: As result of their three river source -to-sea adventure, John and LaNae Abnet share their story of paddling the 1591 miles by kayak from the source of the Wabash River to the Gulf of Mexico. Pictures from the trip presented in an entertaining, informative, and humorous way take the audience on a journey from growing, dehydrating, vacuum sealing, and caching their food, to entering the Gulf of Mexico.

Presenter Bios:

John and LaNae Abnet are the first couple to kayak the 1600-mile source-to-sea journey from the headwaters of the Wabash River to the Gulf of Mexico. LaNae is an avid gardener and uses food hunted and grown on their property to dehydrate and vacuum pack healthy and affordable adventure meals. LaNae has written the first of multiple books about their adventures.
Together the Abnets have train hopped through the interior Canadian wilderness, paddled the big waters of Lake Huron, and kayaked in the artic. After completion of their source-to-sea kayak trip, the couple developed their 32 acre property into a federal wildlife habitat program, gave away many of their belongings, and built a small 750 sq. ft. home where they now live and work.