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Wilderness Medicine

Learn tips and tricks for all your outdoor activities from staff of the Wright State University Department of Emergency Medicine.

Instructors: Dr. Brian L. Springer, Dr. Kermit Huebner, Dr. Phil Griffith, Dr. Matt Rodgers, Dr. Matt Gangidine


1:15-2:15 pm: General Wilderness Survival Concepts and Packing a Wilderness First Aid Kit

General Wilderness Survival: Just having the right gear is not enough. Learn the basic principles of survival that will get you and your teammates through wilderness emergencies.

Packing a Wilderness First Aid Kit: Learn how to pick the right gear you will need should a medical emergency arise in the backcountry, in the MetroParks, or in your own back yard.


2:30-3:30 pm: Altitude and Heat Illness

Altitude Illness: Altitude has profound effects on the human body. Learn how altitude effects performance, about common altitude-related illnesses, and how to avoid them, and when necessary how to treat them.

Heat Illness: Exertional heat illness can make for an unpleasant outdoor experience. In extreme cases, it can be lethal. Learn how to recognize the signs and learn strategies on prevention and treatment.


3:45-4:45 pm: Hemorrhage Control and Envenomations

Hemorrhage Control: All bleeding stops eventually! Learn how to control traumatic hemorrhage in the field before shock or death ensues.

Envenomations: Venomous reptile and arthropod bites and stings can cause pain and discomfort and in some cases even cause profound illness or death. Learn the critters to avoid and what to do if an encounter with one doesn’t go well.