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The Adventure Summit Speakers

2017 Featured Speakers

Featured Speaker
Jordan Romero

Youngest climber in the world to complete the seven summits.

Romero (21) began climbing the tallest peaks on each continent at age 10.  He climbed Mt. Everest at age 13 and a age 15 he climbed Vinson Massif, his final summit to become the youngest climber in the world to complete the seven summits. 

He was inspired to climb the tallest mountains of each continent when he saw a painting in the hallway of his school that had the seven continents’ highest mountains. Romero is now trying to climb the highest point in each of the 50 US states.

2016 Featured Speakers

Adventure Summit Speaker Dave Cornthwaite

Featured Speaker
Amy Purdy

Living Beyond Limits

After contracting a rare illness at 19, Amy Purdy underwent a double leg amputation and a life-altering experience. Challenging herself to move on with her life, she attained goals that even those who have both legs struggle to achieve. Amy is now a world class snow boarder, 2014 Paralympic Medalist, Dancing with the Stars finalist, author, actress, model and clothing designer and a testament that the only limits are the ones we place on ourselves.

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Adventure Summit Speaker Jon Turk

Featured Speaker
Luke “Strider” Jordan

A Thru-Hike of the North Country Trail

Hear a hiker’s journey over the nation’s longest scenic trail, what Strider calls the “crown jewel” of the national scenic trail system. From the vast plains of North Dakota to the high peaks of the Adirondacks, it’s a story of struggle to overcome obstacles and to continue on in the pursuit of achieving goals and personal growth.

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