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Used Gear Sales Area

True Heights Equipment Outfitters Logo Get great deals on gear or get cash for no longer used gear at the Used Gear Area supported by True Heights Equipment Outfitters. Grab the gear you no longer use, that extra fleece that no longer fits or other equipment you would like to sell, and bring it to the Adventure Summit!

Used Gear Location: Racquetball 2 Court: Recreation Commons (near climbing wall), Wright State University Student Union

Used Gear Drop Off Hours:

Used Gear Shopping Hours

  • Friday 5:00 – 7:00 pm; 8:00 – 9:00 pm
  • Saturday 9:00 am-5:00 pm

Visitors to the Adventure Summit have a chance to pick up some lightly used outdoor recreation related equipment.  The Used Gear Area provides a great place for outdoor adventurers to recycle their used gear. This reduces waste going into our landfills and helps others pick up the equipment needed to try a new outdoor adventure at an introductory rate.

The Used Gear Area provides two options for you to sell your gear:

Used Gear Sales

  • You grab a table and sell your items yourself. Much like at a garage sale – you manage the sale and transaction.  This is meant for individuals who wish to sell, trade, and deal themselves.

Consignment Sales

  • You drop off your items, tag and price them and True Heights Equipment Outfitters manages the sale and transaction. No matter how many items you have, you can use the consignment service.
  • Consigners must check in at the Used Gear Area Friday between 3pm-7pm or Saturday 9am-5pm.
  • Consigners must sign a completed agreement form when dropping off their items for consignment.
  • All items inside consignment area will be registered, tagged, and priced.
  • Sellers will receive 90% value of their sold items. 10% is kept as a consignment fee.
  • All unsold items and cash must be claimed by 5pm, Saturday or become the property of True Heights Equipment Outfitters.
  • If you wish, unsold items can be entered into a new agreement with True Heights Equipment Outfitters for consignment in their store after the event. Ask True Heights for more details.

Used Gear Area Rules and Procedures

The Adventure Summit staff and True Heights Equipment Outfitters absolutely reserves the right to limit and/or deny the admittance of any vendors/participants and any such items that are not representative of human powered, non-consumptive, outdoor recreation gear, equipment, and apparel.

  • Prohibited Items listed below, but not limited to:
    • Firearms and large knives
    • Golf clubs
    • Traditional team sport gear – basketballs, tennis rackets, soccerballs, etc.
    • Motorized Recreational Vehicles/Equipment – scooters, ATV, Jet Skis, fishing boats
  • Five Rivers MetroParks, True Heights Equipment Outfitters, and Wright State are not responsible for loss or damage of any items in the consignment area.
  • Consignment Agreement Forms must be filled out by each consigner if you are dropping off items.
  • Any unclaimed money or unsold gear left unclaimed by 5:00pm on Saturday will be donated.

All unsold consignment items and money from transactions MUST be claimed by 5:00pm on Saturday.

For questions please call 937-275-7275 or email