Adventure Summit Speakers


Noon Featured Speaker: Andy “The River Weasel” Gallatin

Journey of Healing:  A 3000-mile Paddle from Columbus, Ohio to Key West
Saturday February 12 at Noon in the Apollo Room

Program Description
Join us to hear what happens when a guy from Ohio has a kayak, time and no other plans but to paddle 3,000 miles. A journey down the Scioto, Ohio and Mississippi rivers across the Gulf of Mexico to the southern most point of the United States. Snakes falling from the sky, hurricanes headed right for him, circled by sharks and all the experiences a long distance journey of self discovery encompass. Click her for The River Weasel’s Bio

3:45pm Featured Speaker: JeanMarie Gossard


Fear, Bliss and Breaking Trail: One Woman’s Journey
Saturday, February 12 at 3:45pm in the Apollo Room

Program Description

Join in as JeanMarie Gossard shares tales from the 12,000+ miles of long-distance trails she’s hiked in the last few years, including her yearlong walk where she set out to hike as much of the Pacific Crest and Continental Divide Trail as she could in one of the highest snowfall years on record. From surprise animal encounters to cutting steps in 13,000 ft passes, her stories are full of light-hearted realizations, heartfelt truths and the power of fear, bliss and breaking our own trail to show us who we are and what we’re capable of.  Click here for Jean Marie’s Bio

6:15pm Featured Speaker: Grandma Joy and Brad Ryan

The Ultimate Trip: A Grandmother and Grandson’s Journey to Visit Every National Park
Saturday, February 12 at 6:15pm in the Apollo Room

Program Description

The viral story of Grandma Joy’s Road Trip has been seen by millions of people around the world. After learning that his octogenarian grandmother had never seen a mountain, he invited her join him for a weekend getaway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in September 2015. At age 85, Grandma Joy slept in a tent for the first time in her life and exceeded Brad’s expectations when she not only saw her first mountain, but climbed her first mountain.

This intergenerational duo from Ohio has since visited 62 of 63 National Parks with plans to complete their quest this year on the heels of their epic Alaska adventure in 2021.

A former Appalachian Trail thru-hiker and ardent mountain climber, Brad Ryan’s relationship to the great outdoors was always defined by crushing miles and bagging as many peaks in the shortest amount of time possible. All of that changed when he got behind the wheel to explore America’s most iconic landscapes with Grandma Joy. Walking at a slower pace and experiencing life through the eyes of a woman seeing the best of America for the first and last time. Don’t miss this heartwarming story of adventure, spontaneity, and following your dreams. Click here for Brad and Grandma’s Bio.

All Speakers

  1. Bauerle, Steve
  2. Bilcze, Tom
  3. Brandt, Everett
  4. Brun, Karla & Carl
  5. Coleman, Michelle & Brian
  6. Crawford, Rob
  7. Crowley, Joe
  8. Devitt, Brent
  9. Edsall, Beth
  10. Ford, Chris
  11. Fulton, Kelsey
  12. Gallatin, Andy
  13. Goldstein, David
  14. Gossard, JeanMarie
  15. Huebner, Dr. Kermit
  16. Hutchinson, Keith
  17. Howell, Colin
  18. Lechton, Terri
  19. Lopez-Mimendi, Sofia
  20. Maitland, Jim, Cheri, Jameson & Gerald
  21. Mayer, Jacki
  22. McDaniel, Earl
  23. McKinley, Dr. Hilary
  24. Morissey, Kevin
  25. Morley, Ruth
  26. Rahtz, Jim
  27. Rasch, Mark
  28. Roberts, Randall
  29. Rudd, Mike
  30. Ryan, Grandma Joy & Brad
  31. Scott, Quatez
  32. Schuerholtz, Charley
  33. Seifert, Peter & Gudrun
  34. Slider, Jonathan
  35. Smith, Lance
  36. Stierwalt, Dr. Josh
  37. Stuart, Dr. Heather
  38. Thomas, Bud
  39. Wright, Gary
  40. Yoder, Justin
  41. Yoest, Jeffrey


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