College Students

The Adventure Summit has what college students want!

Participate in skill clinics and training sessions. Hear from some of the world’s adventure gurus, including keynoters Amy Purdy and Luke “Strider” Jordan. Show ’em who’s boss in mad competitions. Enjoy live music and mingle with outdoor industry exhibitors and pros. If you’re looking to build a career in the outdoor recreation and education field, this is the event for you. It’s the largest exposition of outdoor culture and skill in all the Midwest. Seriously.

What makes The Adventure Summit better than a weekend on campus?
We bet you can’t find these by staying in the schoolyard:

  • Bouldering Competition
  • Indoor Triathlon
  • Canoe Battleship
  • Used gear area where you can buy or sell
  • Sessions that focus on how to get a job in the outdoor industry, trip planning and skills
  • Chance to meet some of the world’s best adventurers

A FREE pizza and pool party on Friday night for college students only

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What will happen to me at The Adventure Summit?
We get it: True adventure knows no bounds. But we can make some guarantees you will:

  • be inspired by speakers
  • network and socialize with others in the outdoor recreation field
  • participate  in competitions and activities
  • head back to campus with new knowledge, experiences and friends

This VIDEO will inspire you to road trip to The Adventure Summit